A look ahead to the new cruise season

It's going to be colourful at CCCB! In the new cruise season the Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven is looking forward to welcoming a number of familiar faces as well as a few new friends. Faithful customers of many years such as Phoenix Reisen GmbH will be making a total of 37 calls at the terminal, including visits by all four of its ocean-going vessels, followed by TUI Cruises GmbH and Costa Kreuzfahrten with 11 stops each.But there will also be other highlights at CCCB - 7 double arrivals, three days with three vessels leaving and one with four. Mein Schiff 3 and Mein Schiff 4 of TUI Cruises will both be calling at CCCB for the first time. On May 30, Costa Magica of Costa Kreuzfahrten will be making its first visit. To mark this special occasion, the cruise terminal and the town of Bremerhaven will be working together to put on a special welcome which will include some colourful entertainment as well as snacks and a large information stand in the public visitors' gallery in Steubenstraße 7b.

Another first-time visitor will be the Midnatsol of the Hurtigruten line on May 5 as well as the Thomson Celebration of Thomson Cruises on May 19 and the Seven Seas Navigator of Regent Seven Seas Cruises on September 23. The season will close with the Christmas visits of Saga Cruises' Saga Sapphire on December 5 and Saga Pearl 2 on December 15.

Cruise Europe Conference 2017 in Bremerhaven

From April 24 to 27, the CCCB hosted the annual Cruise Europe Conference. For this purpose representatives of several cruise lines and more than 120 north European ports met in the double destination Bremen/Bremerhaven to discuss about the latest developments of the cruise industry. In the course of the conference and social events, they also used the opportunity to network and make new contacts. Since 1991 the annual meeting of the interest group Cruise Europe takes place every year in another member port. The CCCB successfully applied for hosting the 2017 conference last year in Dublin. Many regional partners of Bremen and Bremerhaven supported this proposal. For the first time, CCCB succeeded in inviting numerous additional representatives of German and international cruise lines beside the speakers on the podium which was met with a very positive response from the “Cruise Europe family”.

New colleague

Since March 2017, Nele Scheland supports the team of the CCCB.Together with Wilfried Probst, she is going to manage the shore-based ship operations. As part of her study course, Cruise Industry Management (B.A.), Nele Scheland has already worked as an intern for the CCCB for 6 months. During this period, she could already gain experience in shore-based and terminal-based cruise ship operations.

In the following 3 years as a shipping agent for Satori & Berger, she has extended her knowledge by being the intermediary for several organisational functions between ship and port. Now, Nele is back at the CCCB and is delighted to work with “old” colleagues and excited to face familiar tasks and new challenges!

Parking Arrangements

For the opening of the new season at the Columbus Cruise Center in Bremerhaven, visitors and shipping lines can expect to find some new parking arrangements. The existing capacity for 350 cars adjacent to the terminal has been complemented by the creation of a new area comprising 8000m² with room for a further 450 vehicles. This facility, which is intended for long-stay parking, is only 500 metres from the main entrance of the cruise terminal and can be reached on foot. This will mean that CCCB now has a total of three parking areas which will be served by a new dedicated parking guidance system informing motorists arriving at Steubenstrasse about the three parking zones - P1 (short-stay), P2 (valet parking) and P3 (long-stay).  Zones P1 and P2 are located directly beside the terminal. P2 is reserved for the arrival and departure of vehicles using the valet service as provided by Kühne and Nagel for example. 

A baggage-carrying service directly from the vehicle will continue to be offered at P1 adjacent to the terminal as well as at P3 500 metres away. A further innovation at CCCB will be the introduction of payment by EC debit card. 

CCCB "There´s more to come"

Phoenix fleet at CCCB
Mein Schiff 5 at CCCB. Foto C. Eckardt

Bremerhaven's cruise season 2016 is also almost at an end. During this time, sixty-eight cruise vessels with a total of 96,500 passengers were welcomed at CCCB, and the season was marked by two major highlights. On July 31, the complete ocean-going fleet of the Phoenix line, a total of four vessels, came together at one quayside.  But the first visit of the new TUI "Mein Schiff 5" on August 28 made it also undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable days of the year.

In December, CCCB is expecting another visit from the Saga Sapphire of Saga Cruises line as part of its "Christmas Markets Tour".  

As in 2016, Bremerhaven's cruise terminal will see another significant increase in ship visits and passenger numbers in 2017. "We are looking forward to 2017 with great excitement. We are expecting more than 150,000 passengers in turnaround and are pleased to be able to offer our guests a new 8,000 square metre car park within walking distance of the terminal." 

Cruise Europe Conference

From April 25 to April 27 2017, Bremerhaven will play host to the annual Cruise Europe Convention. Guests will include delegates from many international cruise operators and ports as well as representatives of numerous German shipping lines. As commented by Andrea Kamjunke-Weber, the CCCB manager responsible for Cruise Europe, "In cooperation with Cruise Europe, it's our aim to take into consideration the fact that this traditional event is taking place for the first time at such a great source market for cruise passengers."


Bremerhaven welcomes MS Mein Schiff 5

Foto: Helmut Gross

The President of the Bremen Senate, the Mayor of Bremen, Dr Carsten Sieling, the Lord Mayor of the City of Bremerhaven, Melf Grantz, and Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven’s (CCCB) Managing Director Veit Hürdler welcomed MS Mein Schiff 5 and presented Captain Todd Burgman and TUI Cruises’ media spokesperson Godja Sönnichsen with the city’s coat of arms and plaques.

“It’s a splendid development that TUI Cruises will continue to sail from Bremerhaven in the future and it underscores the quality of our cruise terminal,” Lord Mayor Grantz said.

Captain Todd Burgman accepted the plaque for TUI Cruises with Godja Sönnichsen, who added, “Bremerhaven is an ideal complement to our Northern German ports and its location, capacity, and features measure up to TUI Cruises’ high standards. As a Northern German cruise destination, the seaport of Bremerhaven fits the timetable of our fleet perfectly. That’s why we will seek to expand our fleet activities in Bremerhaven over the next few years.” From Bremerhaven, TUI Cruises will sail in future to destinations in Norway, the United Kingdom, Ireland as well as Mallorca and Gran Canaria.

A colourful entertainment programme for cruise passengers and shipping fans alike was put on to celebrate’s first call at Bremerhaven. Various musicians and street artists combined with a selection of maritime delicacies all made for a very special atmosphere at the cruise terminal. When MS Mein Schiff 5 left port at around 7 pm that evening, 350 singers from 14 shanty choirs stood at the quayside – probably the biggest shanty choir in North Germany.

CCCB 1 terminal – 4 ships in operation

c_Helmut Gross

Columbus Cruise Center in Bremerhaven
1 terminal – 4 ships in operation
Increase in number of passengers

On the morning of July 31, all four ocean-going vessels of the Bonn-based tour operator Phoenix Reisen were headed for the same destination – the Columbus Cruise Center in Bremerhaven.

The flagship ms Amadea led the fleet and arrived at 6.30, followed by ms Albatros and ms Artania, with ms Deutschland finally completing the picture of the entire Phoenix fleet berthed at CCCB. In the terminal building, the arriving passengers were welcomed by performers on stilts and offered fish snacks and smoothies. Their departure in the evening was accompanied by a marching band on the quayside as well as three gun salutes for each vessel.

On this day alone, a total of 6,400 passengers used the Bremerhaven terminal for arrival or departure. About 450 tonnes of provisions were taken on board and about 10,000 suitcases handled. In this respect, Bremerhaven is different from other ports in that all four vessels can berth at one quay and be processed by one terminal. Thanks to improvements implemented in the winter months, it has been possible to shorten the distance needed to be covered in the luggage-handling process. Services provided for crew and passengers have also been further enhanced.

For 2016, CCCB has already recorded an increase in passenger numbers of at least 35%. This figure will grow again considerably in 2017 und 2018.   

Cruise Europe: Success for Bremerhaven – Annual Congress 2017 to be hosted in Bremerhaven/Bremen.

For several years now, Columbus Cruise Centers in Bremerhaven (CCCB) and Wismar have been affiliated in Cruise Europe, a prestigious international cruise-marketing cooperation representing about 120 North European ports.  

CCCB achieves a great international success. At this year's Cruise Europe Congress in Dublin, our organisation contended for the honour of hosting the event in 2017. After a preliminary visit and assessment of our location and program proposal, Cruise Europe decided to put Bremerhaven on the short-list. 

On Thursday, June 2, the members were shown a specially edited version of the promotion film "Bremen/Bremerhaven – Made of Stars". Bremerhaven managed to ward off competition from two other destinations and secured the hosting of this important event in 2017. Bremerhaven's entry was given comprehensive support by various organisations - the city council, Bremerhaven Destination Marketing, the Bremen Senator for Economy, Ports and Labour, bremenports GmbH & Co KG as well as the hotel industry and other institutions in Bremen and Bremerhaven. Bremen and Bremerhaven can now look forward to an important few days for the international cruise industry in April 2017, with both towns welcoming cruise experts from all over the world. The congress will also include a wide range of excursions.

Since it is also a member of Cruise Europe, the event is of equal importance for activities at Columbus Cruise Center Wismar. 

ms Mein Schiff 1 and ms Albatros at the Columbus Quay
on Wednesday, June 1

Right on time at six o'clock  on Wednesday morning, TUI Cruises' ms Mein Schiff 1 arrived at the Columbus Quay in Bremerhaven, just as ms Silver Whisper was setting off for Amsterdam after a two-day visit to the terminal. At eight o'clock, ms Mein Schiff 1 was joined by ms Albatros, which is owned by the Bonn based travel operator Phoenix Reisen. Approximately 2,300 pieces of luggage were conveyed to the foyer on the ground floor. During winter, extensive refurbishment had been done on the terminal to facilitate faster and more convenient baggage reclaim. This new system has already proved invaluable. Within a very short time, all the luggage had been transferred to the ground floor, and passengers were able to pick up their suitcases without any hassle. In the evening, both cruise vessels left Bremerhaven for Norway against the backdrop of a setting sun.   




Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven gets ready for bigger vessels

Range of improved services for cruise passengers.

In 2016, Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven (CCCB) will handle approximately 35% more passengers than in the previous year, with a further increase of at least 25% expected for 2017.

The Managing Director of CCCB, Veit Hürdler, summarised as follows, "With this growth in mind, we have taken a very close look at our passenger handling processes. CCCB has always placed great importance on professional service, and for many years it has been well-equipped to deal with the turnarounds of several cruise vessels at one time. And this winter we were able to implement optimisation measures for handling very large vessels.“

These include, for example, construction work on the Terminal's internal infrastructure to make baggage reclaim faster and easier. The old conveyor belts have been removed, and by using new openings to the quayside it is now possible to reduce considerably the distance which has to be covered by the baggage.

As part of a conveying system developed specifically by CCCB, ships' own luggage trolleys can now be transported directly to and from the Terminal in an environmentally-friendly and material-saving way. Information boards and passenger direction displays have been adapted and further simplified.

A new concept has been developed in co-operation with the local municipal bus operator, who for many years has been responsible for getting railway users to and from CCCB. In the past, passengers' luggage was also taken from the train station directly to the cabin, but by means of technical innovations, this service has now been optimised and made much more convenient for the cruise passenger.

The Columbus Cruise Café has launched a mobile catering service which benefits cruise passengers as well as bus and taxi drivers.

Within the Terminal premises, CCCB now provides free WiFi. This will be particularly appreciated by ships' crew members.

A service quality certification process has been embarked upon which should be completed by June 2016. This will lead to even more improvements in quality of service and internal processes. These measures will safeguard and maintain the existing high quality standards as well as their continuous improvement.

In conclusion, Veit Hürdler reports that, "Our next major project will focus on our parking facilities directly at CCCB. In the past, we have always been able to offer our guests in Bremerhaven sufficient parking space right in front of the Terminal - at very reasonable prices and with no advance booking necessary."    To ensure that this will continue, a study will be carried out in 2016. Based on the results, the possibility of extending the parking area or building a multi-storey car park will be looked into. The valet parking service provided by third-party partners will, of course, continue.

Bremerhaven, March11, 2016

For further information please contact:

Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven GmbH            

Veit Hürdler    

Tel.: 0471 / 90 26 25 11



About the Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven GmbH

The Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven GmbH is a maritime centre offering professional services to cruise passengers, shipping lines, tour operators and ships' agents. It operates and markets the Cruise Terminal Bremerhaven on the German North Sea coast.

Newsletter December 2015

c_Helmut_Gross / Erlebnis Bremerhaven / Winterworld Bremerhaven

End of Season at CCCB

On 18.12.2015, ms Saga Pearl II will end a successful cruise season 2015 at Columbus Cruise Center (CCCB). The cruise ship from the cruise company Saga Cruises will dock in Bremerhaven at 8 am. Approximately 650 guests will start their shore excursions to the Christmas markets in Bremerhaven, Bremen and Hamburg. In the evening, ms Saga Pearl II will leave Bremerhaven and make her way towards Amsterdam.

Herewith, approximately 66,000 passengers with 61 ship calls have embarked and disembarked in Bremerhaven this year.

Forecast for 2016

For 2016, CCCB expects a strong passenger growth with approximately 95,000 guests.

TUI Cruises will be guests at the Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven for in total eight times. While ms Mein Schiff 1 already called at Bremerhaven in 2014, ms Mein Schiff 5 will be welcomed for the first time. A progress of which all CCCB team is very proud.

The Bonner tour operator Phoenix Reisen, who is well known for many years in the sea town, sends besides ms Artania, ms Albatros and ms Amadea the newly chartered ms Deutschland to Bremerhaven. CCCB is very pleased to welcome the former ZDF-Traumschiff, which will be for the first time under Phoenix, on 7 May 2016. 

Next year, alongside the cruise business, CCCB will present itself with the newest and biggest cruise ships. In spring and autumn, the new shipbuildings of Meyer Werft will dock in Bremerhaven for their final outfitting as well as to be officially handed over to the cruise companies.

As the season next year starts on 23 March 2016, there is plenty of work to be done at a short time. Extensive innovations in the terminal have already started in order to be well prepared for the 2016 season. 

Christmas Greetings

We would like to thank you very much for the good and trustful cooperation in 2015 and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a healthy, bright and successful New Year!

With best wishes of our entire CCCB team,

David Enders, Jürgen Harms, Sören Hollen, Veit Hürdler, Andrea Kamjunke-Weber, Jens Kroos, Wilfried Probst, Karen Reinke, Christin Reisenauer.

Newsletter September

Columbus Cruise Center at the Seatrade Europe Cruise & River Cruise Convention
From September 9 to September 11, together with the German cruise ports Hamburg, Luebeck, Kiel and Rostock/Warnemuende, Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven (CCCB) and Wismar (CCCW) will be represented at the exhibition stand “Destination Germany”. The Columbus Cruise Center has an extensive program:
On Wednesday evening, Bremerhaven and Wismar are host for more than 150 guests from various countries. In cooperation with the international marketing organisation “Cruise Europe”, in which both ports are members of, Columbus Cruise Center invite the guests to “Cruise Europe – Columbus Cruise Center Night”. In the course of a festive ceremony with live-music, the “German Cruise Awards 2016” will also be awarded on this evening. The mayor of Wismar, Thomas Beyer, will deliver a special Baltic Sea greeting.

On Thursday, German ports await numerous invited guests from national and international cruise company and tour operators during a “Welcome Reception” at their booth.

On the last day of the exhibition, a delegation of cruise line representatives will go on a sightseeing tour to the hanseatic city Wismar togehter with colleagues from CCCW.

4 Cruise Ships simultaneously in Bremerhaven

On Thursday September 10, Bremerhaven awaits all Phoenix Reisen cruise ships (MS Amadea, MS Albatros and MS Artania) as well as MS Berlin from FTI Cruises.
In the early morning MS Amadea, MS Albatros and MS Artania will consecutively berth at the cruise terminal, whilst MS Berlin will exceptionally dock at the Seebaederkaje. At the terminal, guests will be welcomed by stilt walkers and maritime  music. For MS Berlin, at the Seebaederkaje, a musical farewell is planned. CCCB and Bremerhaven await approximately 6000 passengers and numerous daily visitors on this day. This means around 12,000 luggages will be delivered to and from board. The quay will also be full: around 450 tons of provisions need to be loaded on the three Phoenix cruise ships, and further 50 tons to Seebaederkaje for MS Berlin. Veit Huerdler, the managing director of CCCB, said: “We are glad that we were able to convince FTI Cruises to dock at the Seebaederkaje, hence being able to offer the citizens and visitors of the maritime city a cruise ship in the middle of the city once again.”

Preparations for the final outfitting of Meyer Werft’s new build “MS Norwegian Escape” are well advanced

For some years now, CCCB has been presenting itself with the newest and biggest cruise ships: for the second time this year, another new build cruise ship from Meyer Werft will have its final outfitting in Bremerhaven - where the delivery of the ship from the shipyard to the cruise ship company also will take place:  “With ‘MS Norwegian Escape’, there will be once again another ship of the superlatives in Bremerhaven to be admired”, said Veit Huerdler. “We are very proud that we herewith are able to provide a big contribution to the regional economy. Smaller and medium-sized companies benefit from it at the moment two times a year.  With more than 2.000 crews from Norwegian Cruise Lines as well as employees and suppliers from Meyer Werft staying in Bremerhaven for several weeks taxi companies, the  municipal bus company, retailers and the gastronomy industry would become winners. “I would be very glad if many local citizens  would accompany us during the ceremonious farewell of the ship which presumably takes place on October 22nd 2015.” said Veit Huerdler.

Crowded quay during Sail 2015 – Maiden call of MS Insignia

Foto: Christian Eckardt

Early Thursday morning MS Insignia from American cruise line Oceania Cruises called at Columbus Quay Bremerhaven for the first time. Approximately 680 visitors left the ship early and went on excursions to Hamburg, Bremen and Bremerhaven. The port captain, Andreas Mai, together with representatives of the cruise terminal and port agency welcomed MS Insignia’s Captain Maroje Brajcic, his passengers and crew in Bremerhaven during a plaque and key ceremony.

“We very much enjoy to be in Bremerhaven with this fantastic weather and appreciate that our guests can enjoy the maritime atmosphere of the SAIL 2015 event only a few paths away from the Columbus Quay.“, said Cruise Director Andy Heath.

The new dream ship of ZDF German television, MS Amadea from Phoenix Reisen, entered the Columbus quay at noon and was greeted by some walking acts and live music. Her passengers also enjoyed the wide range of programs that Bremerhaven offers throughout the International Windjammer Festival SAIL 2015. MS Amadea stays overnight and will cruise on Friday evening to Helgoland to come back to Bremerhaven on Saturday. In the meantime, MS Albatros docks at CCCB on Saturday in order to sail together with MS Amadea at 10 pm towards the SAIL firework.

On Sunday, CCCB awaits another busy day with 1500 passengers disembarking from MS Amadea and MS Albatros. Fully booked with new passengers, both cruise ships will start their cruise approximately at 5 pm towards Iceland and Norway.

This weekend Bremerhaven is expecting more than 4000 cruise passengers and numerous visitors.

Columbus Cruise Center says goodbye to Anthem of the Seas.

With the final outfitting reaching the end, Columbus Cruise Center (CCCB) will say goodbye to ms Anthem of the Seas today around 9 pm. On 30th March 2015, Meyer Werft transferred ms Anthem of the Seas to Bremerhaven for its final outfitting.  Approximately 5.500 pallets with diverse equipment were brought on-board. The amount of packaging materials, waste and other materials that have returned is hardly to specify.

A particular challenge was the poor weather conditions at the beginning of the time spent in port. Despite the heavy storm that took place for several days, all tasks were able to be initiated and completed on time, so that Meyer Werft could officially hand over ms Anthem of the Seas on 10th April 2015 to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. During the stay, CCCB was the base for around 1.200 Meyer Werft employees and their suppliers as well as for 1.400 crew members.

Ms Anthem of the Seas was the 6th newbuild that had its final outfitting at CCCB. In autumn, CCCB awaits another new that is already under construction at Meyer Werft determined for Norwegian Cruise Lines.

On 21st April 2015, ms Fram from Hurtigruten will start off the classical cruise season at Columbus Cruise Center. This year, Bremerhaven expects around 75.000 passengers.


Meet us at Cruise Shipping Miami March 17-19, 2015: booth 701, hall D!

The coastal city of Bremerhaven is currently being showcased by the Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven GmbH (CCCB) at the Miami Cruise Shipping Convention, the biggest of its kind in the world.

Bremerhaven is represented at its stand under the umbrella of the "Destination Germany" brand. With its typical north German maritime flair, the stand offers visitors an authentic backdrop for talks with cruise industry representatives. Once again, CCCB has organized the traditional German Ports Night, which rounds off the event with an enjoyable evening in the company of up to 120 guests from all over the world, and has now become a regular fixture in the diaries of many of the industry's executives. 

The photo shows Veit Hürdler, Managing Director and Andrea Kamjunke-Weber, Commercial Director at the Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven.   

Press release

Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven strengthens Bremerhaven's position in the cruise market  

Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven's annual press conference was opened this year at an unusual venue - on board an 18.25 metres long articulated bus of the local transport authority BREMERHAVEN BUS, a partner of CCCB. Director Hans-Jürgen Jahnke expressed his satisfaction at being able to "provide the town with another vehicle to make the cruise industry even more visible in Bremerhaven as well as emphasising our long-term cooperation with CCCB." The external appearance of the bus replaces the vehicle which has been used for the last five years on regular inner-city routes. In the current year, 14,000 passengers were transported by BREMERHAVEN BUS as well as about 10,000 crew members during the fitting out of new vessels. Veit Hürdler, Managing Director of CCCB, stressed the importance of this collaboration for the local infrastructure. "For years BREMERHAVEN BUS has been providing an indispensable and direct infrastructural addition to the services we already offer at the terminal - and all that with the flexibility and friendliness of the staff on board, who treat cruise passengers with exemplary courtesy from start to finish." 

The specially designed bus is sure to be noticed in Bremerhaven. One side shows the town looking to the cruise vessels, while on the other side the cruise passengers look to the town. This idea is a brainchild of Wismar design student Tom Klemens. Based on the reception given to a similar vehicle in Wismar, Veit Hürdler is sure that these images will attract attention. "We are all really pleased that Bremerhaven can now enjoy this experience too." 

On departure days, all the town buses will also have onboard displays of vessel information as well as photos of the ships.  

In 2014 the Bremerhaven terminal processed 63 departures with a total of well over 70,000 passengers, 6,000 more than in the previous year. 

As well as our regular customers, we also welcomed some new visitors this year. These included ms NAUTICA of Prestige Cruises and ms EMPRESS of the Spanish operator Pullmantours. We are particularly pleased about the latter development as Pullmantours is one of several customers acquired for Bremerhaven via CCCB activities in Wismar. CCCB has been handling cruise vessels there since 2012. It is also worth noting that CCCB carried out operations this year on behalf of TUI Cruises while ms MEIN SCHIFF 1 was berthed at the Lloyd yard for repairs. 


In 2015 Bremerhaven expects to play host to 63 cruise vessels with a total of about 75,000 passengers. "Contrary to rumours and based on the latest information from the Greek shipping line Global Maritime Group, we will handle the 15 planned departures of ms ASTOR at CCCB next year,"  explains Veit Hürdler. A special highlight next year will occur on September 10, when a total of four cruise vessels will call at CCCB - all three ships of Phoenix Reisen Bonn (ms ARTANIA, ms AMADEA, ms ALBATROS) as well as FTI Cruises' ms BERLIN. During the Sail 2015 festival, two cruise vessels will be on view on three consecutive days in addition to the various tall ships and other sailing vessels. A significant increase in passenger numbers is expected for 2016.


As Veit Hürdler explains, a new customer is expected that year.  "TUI Cruises' Mein Schiff 1 and Mein Schiff 5 will make a total of 8 calls to Bremerhaven. Through efficient handling in 2014, our team was able to convince them of our professionalism and the advantages of our location." CCCB continues to enhance its position as a major turnaround port on the German North Sea coast. But Veit Hürdler still sees it as an important task to work together with Erlebnis Bremerhaven to generate more transit calls for Bremerhaven and its surroundings. For this purpose, a second video has been produced by Erlebnis Bremerhaven to recreate the experience and to present the positive feedback of real cruise passengers who have made an excursion to the town during a stop at Bremerhaven. CCCB and Erlebnis Bremerhaven are cooperating closely in the promotion of the location as a transit port. 


Since the initial fitting of Norwegian Cruise Lines' ms NORWEGIAN SUN in 2001, the Columbus Cruise Center in Bremerhaven has earned itself a global reputation in this sector. (ms MEIN SCHIFF 1 also belonged to this category.) This business field saw considerable expansion in 2014. As Veit Hürdler summarises, "This, of course, means not only new synergies with our conventional cruise activities; we have also given a real boost to various sectors of the Bremerhaven economy." Thorsten Schulz is Managing Director of H.C.Roever Maritime Agency (Weser) GmbH and responsible for awarding fitting out contracts in Bremerhaven. In his opinion, "the secret of the success of all these activities in Bremerhaven lies in the absolute commitment of a few partners aimed exclusively at offering quick solutions with no ifs or buts." 

And Wilfried Krüßel of the Meyer Werft in Papenburg hits the nail on the head when describing what CCCB means to him. "We are glad to be able to use a terminal with such a good infrastructure. In Bremerhaven, short term demands are met swiftly and efficiently."  

Veit Hürdler closed the press conference on December 5 with these words: "I'm not a friend of statistics and theoretical surveys. And I'm convinced that nobody will be able to make an even remotely accurate assessment of the economic importance of cruise shipping for Bremerhaven and its surroundings. But I'm absolutely sure that its significance is much higher than is commonly perceived. Activities at the Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven play a central role in this respect, not only in the conventional processing of cruise passengers."

Bremerhaven, December 5, 2014

Foto: Christian Eckardt

Prestige Cruise Holdings - first call at CCCB

Prestige Cruise Holdings -  first call at CCCB

On Tuesday June 10, 2014 a luxurious visitor called at the seaside town Bremerhaven. For the first time, the MS MARINA of the luxury shipping company Prestige Cruise Holdings moored at the Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven. Coming from Amsterdam, the cruise ship headed  to coast towns in the North Sea. Built in 2010 the 238 m long MS MARINA is the flagship of the Oceania class and offers exquisite services to max. 1250 passengers.

Before setting off for excursions into the regent as well as to  Bremerhaven’s city centre, the daily visitors were cheerfully welcomed with traditional seamen’s music and maritime stilt walkers.

At 5 pm it was time to say good-bye and the MS MARINA left the Columbusquay under the sounds of  maritime music on its trip to Oslo/Norway.

On  August 4, 2014 the MS NAUTICA, another cruise ship of Presige Cruise Holdings, is expected in Bremerhaven. Being on a 20 days cruise towards the midnight sun, the flagship of the Regatta class will be welcomed at the CCCB.

New Internet appearance for Bremerhaven and Wismar

The Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven and Wismar got a new Internet appearance.

In order to improve the accessibility to each single service feature for all stakeholders like organizers, cruise guests and other interested parties the Internet appearance was completely revised. The result: a clear and modern design, short information paths and up-to-date Internet functions.

The content can be accessed more user-friendly on the computer, smartphone or tablet.


New colleague at the CCCB

Since May 2014, Christin Reisenauer supports the CCCB’s team.

As Terminal Manager she assumes the tasks of Malaike Massoth, who is going to be on maternity leave at the end of July, facing for now other challenges.

Christin Reisenauer, being native Mecklenburg-West Pomeranian, moved for her tourism study to the North Sea and studied Cruise Industry Management (B.A.) at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven. Working on board of the “Delphin Voyager” as a tour guide, she gained first experiences in the handling of cruise ships, which lead her way regularly to the Columbus Cruise Centre Bremerhaven.
Afterwards, she went for two years to Hamburg to Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. With the preparation of the travel documents for the cruise guests, she got to know the processes of passenger exchange from the view of the shipping company. At last she worked for a tour operator in Delmenhorst, being responsible for the organisation and handling of group travels.

Christin looks forward for her new challenges and the proximity to the cruise ships and passengers.



CCCB at CSM in Miami

The "Cruise Shipping Miami", the world´s biggest cruise fair, will take place from March 11 to 13, 2014 in Miami. The biggest German ports will present themselves in one joint booth called "Destination Germany".

Why not pay us a visit? Michael Kremp and Claudia Altmann would be pleased to welcome you at our booth 701, hall D.

Photo: Andrea Kamjunke-Weber (CCCB) an Claudia Altmann (CCCW) 2013