The Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven is prepared for the cruise restart in 2021!

For the team of the Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven (CCCB), guests‘ safety and well-being are always our top priorities. Together with our port authority, public health officials and cruise lines, CCCB has developed new protocols for the safe handling of cruise ships under pandemic conditions.
Therefore, several additional hygiene and safety measures have been implemented, mainly in the terminal building. Amongst others, there is a detailed concept of social distancing, hygiene and sanitation protocols during the embarkment and disembakment and many others.
Hygiene and desinfection within the whole terminal building are top priorities. Contactless soap dispender and hand sanitizers are already part of the restroom facilities. You will find now mobile desinfectant dispenser in the public terminal area and all check-in counters are equipped with plexiglass shields.
An outstanding innovation as part of our hygiene concept is the luggage desinfection prototype of Steripower (market leader of desinfection products). The device has been developed by experts to clean lugagge and goods before loading with uv-radiation. In the next month it will go through a trial period at the Bremerhaven cruise terminal.

luggage desinfection prototype of Steripower in cooperation by Tefra & CCCB